Doctor Who: Vampire of the Mind

Vampire of the Mind was released in May 2016 and is the second installment of Big Finish’s Two Masters trilogy – and another directorial role for me in Big Finish’s Doctor Who main range.

Praise for Vampire of the Mind:

Jamie Anderson brings a cinematic flair to the direction and production once again – it’s fast becoming the hallmark of his work for Big Finish – as well as some new actors to the series, alongside some stalwarts.

Verdict: An intriguing tale that works well. 8/10 SciFi Bulletin

‘There’s a lot of death, deception and dastardliness. This is Doctor Who at its darkest; and it’s delightful’ 9/10 Gallifrey Archive

You can get Doctor Who: Vampire of the Mind from Big Finish’s website.

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