Hello! Thanks for dropping by my site… just to avoid any confusion, I’m not Jamie Anderson the Olympic (female) snowboarder. I’m one of the other ones…

I’m the younger son of legendary TV & film producer Gerry Anderson – the creator of Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5, Space: 1999 and countless other cult TV classics. From a very young age (about as young as I can remember, actually) I always wanted to follow in dad’s footsteps – spending huge amounts of time with him at Bray Studios, Pinewood Studios and Cosgrove Hall in Manchester when I was growing up.

For a long time, through a desire to protect me from some of the rough times he’d had in the industry – dad wasn’t keen on me joining the family business. But towards the end of his life he had a change of heart, and encouraged me to look after his legacy. It’s something that I’m honoured and endlessly proud to do.

Now, as director of Anderson Entertainment, my main role is to keep the Gerry Anderson legacy alive, but also to develop dad’s many unfinished works.

We lost dad 2012 to Alzheimer’s Disease, and alongside my general Anderson Entertainment duties – I am also a celebrity supporter of Alzheimer’s Society – regularly speaking at events, and helping to raise much-needed awareness and funds. I also continue in dad’s footsteps by supporting the International Rescue Corps as their vice-president.

You can follow me on twitter: @ImJamieAnderson or email the office via the contact form.