Charities & Fundraising for Alzheimer’s Disease

The Alzheimers Society

In 2011 my Father was diagnosed with mixed dementia (Alzheimer’s disease & vascular dementia). We had known there was something going on for a long time, but to get the actual diagnosis changed his, and my mother’s lives. Since the initial diagnosis, he can no longer read, write, drive or take full and proper care of himself. Since the diagnosis it has come to our attention that there is no clear and proper path that those with the disease can take to get advice, care, and treatment that they need and deserve. There is also an ever increasing number percentage of the population suffering from the disease (and other dementias). It’s not just a disease that “frail old people” get. Younger people can get it too, and it doesn’t just affect the sufferer. It also affects their families, friends, and anyone else connected with them.

The Alzheimer’s Society does a tremendous job supporting those with dementia and their families, and they need our help to cope with the ever increasing demands of an ageing population. To read more visit the Alzheimer’s Society website.

I do whatever I can to support them through various fundraising efforts including mud runs, memory walks, and other events. Please consider a regular donation to the society. It’s only a matter of time until you are affected by the disease.

Gerry and Jamie Anderson working with the Alzheimer's Society to launch Memory WalkIn June 2012 my Dad and I launched the Alzheimer’s Society’s Memory Walk events. The memory walks are the society’s flagship fundraising event where everyone from 4 to 80 years old (or more) can join in to raise money for the provision of local services to help Alzheimer’s sufferers and their carers.

You can sign up to join a memory walk by visiting – there’s no minimum fundraising limit or an entry fee so it’s incredibly easy to get involved! Fundraising for Alzheimer’s disease couldn’t be easier!

Sadly Dad passed away from complications related to his dementia on boxing day 2012.


The International Rescue Corps

I am proud and honoured to carry on the late work of my late father, by joining the International Rescue Corps as their Vice President.

Cancer Research UK

Although I have no particular family link to Cancer Research, or the devastating effects of the disease – it has affected a number friends, who I have lost to the disease, as well as those close to my friends and extended family. I do whatever I can to support them in their quest for treatments and a cure.



Cardiac Risk in the Young

In August 2012, my friend of 10 years, Josh, died peacefully in his sleep. His death was not expected, nor was it caused by any particular disease, injury, or poisoning. At 27, Josh suffered unexplained heart failure during his sleep. With so much to live for, and being such a bright and wonderful individual, Josh’s death has led me to support CRY whenever possible. Having a life cut short so suddenly is a terrible thing, and research into it’s prevention is extremely important.