Doctor Who: The Two Masters

The Two Masters was released in June 2016 and is the third and final installment of Big Finish’s Two Masters trilogy – and another directorial role for me in Big Finish’s Doctor Who main range.

Praise for The Two Masters:

‘I think it’s safe to say that The Two Masters may be my favourite ever Doctor Who story, in any medium.’ 101% Gallifrey Archive

‘Up there with the best Big Finish main range stories, this conclusion to the Master trilogy is suitably epic… director Jamie Anderson keeps a firm hand on things… The scenes between Beevers and Macqueen are everything you’ve hoped for…’ 10/10 Sci-Fi Bulletin

‘A fantastic story that’s packed to the roundel shaped rafters with action, treachery, betrayal, sabotage, dastardly apocalyptic schemes and bang on target classic Doctor Who cliff-hangers.’ Mass Movement.

You can get Doctor Who: The Two Masters from Big Finish’s website.

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