Hastings Direct Customer Services Fail

Now I’m sure lots of people deal with Hastings Direct Customer Services and are totally happy. Their prices are cheap, so there’s every reason to give them a try. Actually, in the first instance – buying car insurance from them online, I was happy… barring an error in the start date of my policy. However, from that point forward I had the most ridiculous experience with Hastings Direct Customer Services – details below:

1) I Purchased an insurance policy online
2) I Realised it started a week after I needed it
3) I Rang to make the necessary changes

I had hoped it would be simple, but then was told I’d have to start a new policy and cancel the old one, so was put through to someone in sales. The new policy quote was nearly £100 more expensive than the one I had bought 5 minutes earlier online. So, I said I’d cancel the old one and

try again online.

I then spoke to someone in the cancellations team, cancelled the policy, which cost me £25; for a policy which hadn’t even started yet, and had only been opened up 15 minutes previously. That would be an £876,000 per year premium going by the per minute cost of having my policy with Hastings.

I sent them a grumpy David-Mitchell-style email stating: “Next step small claims court, because I refuse to have the piss taken out of me in this manner. I’ve now gone elsewhere for my insurance, and I genuinely feel I have a grievance against you (I made sure I avoided all your sister companies/trading styles too). If your customer service agent had taken the time, and been flexible with this ridiculous sting of a cancellation charge then I probably would have stuck with Hastings… but alas, script reading and insincerity was taken to a new level by the final customer service agent I spoke to.”

In the end, they did refund my £25 cancellation fee, but what a palaver. There ends my Hastings Direct Customer Services Fail tale.

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