FAB Live Episode 6

FAB Live 6 was recorded on 3 July 2017 (FAB Live = Facebook Anderson Broadcast Live) via the Gerry Anderson Facebook page, and once again we were able to connect with Anderson fans all over the world.

FAB Live 6


With regular features like viewer Q&A, Blankety Blank, FAB or FIB, news, ‘This month in Gerry Anderson history” and more besides, we also had new about Captain Scarlet’s 50th anniversary, Big Finish Terrahawks – including a video exclusive, events and answered loads of viewer questions in real time. But don’t worry if you missed it.

You can watch it on YouTube or Facebook, and FAB Live will be returning! We’ll be back on 7th August 2017 with FAB Live Episode 7!

You can find out more via the Gerry Anderson Facebook page And if you don’t have Facebook, then you’ll be able to catch up on the latest episode each month on YouTube! Watch FAB Live 2FAB Live 3‘s very small watchable chunk, FAB Live 4, or FAB Live 5!

You can find the whole FAB Live Playlist with all our episodes right here!

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