Doctor Who: Absolute Power

Doctor Who Absolute Power was released in December 2016 and is the second instalment of Big Finish’s main range sixth Doctor trilogy of 2016 – and another chance for me to work with Colin Baker. I’m also proud to say that I wrote and directed this story. Something that brought with it a lot of fun and creative freedom, but also a lot of pressure!

You can get Doctor Who: Absolute Power from Big Finish’s website.

Praise for Doctor Who Absolute Power:

Jamie Anderson’s plot, as well as being an ode to the era of tales of strange alien worlds and classic monster and flying saucer movies and stories, questions the nature of life and muses over the moral implications that surround the price of survival, and whether the said survival of one species can ever justify the extermination of another. Wonderfully written and enacted … you can hear a real sense of joy and love for, and of, the subject matter and the tale that’s being told in every single second of the drama.  Absolute Power is, from beginning to end, an absolute pleasure…

Tim Cundle / Mass Movement

…there are betrayals, revelations, it also very cleverly does not play out how the listener might expect and despite everything there is something of hope after all the destruction wrought on Teymah and all the lives needlessly lost in the pursuit of Absolute Power for one man. A strong entry in to the main range, and a very different take on a Sixth Doctor story – its amazing that after all these years Old Sixie is still being given new things to do and new facets of his character are being drawn out. An absolutely powerful 9/10.

Ed Watkinson / Planet Mondas

Anderson opens up the scope of the piece as each episode goes on and what seems like quite a small scale tale becomes a discussion of revenge and betrayal. …The characterisation of the sixth Doctor and Constance is spot-on (particularly with regard to their emotions), and there’s a terrific – and mostly new to Big Finish – guest cast. …The music and design work are very cinematic, as we’ve come to expect from Anderson’s work on the series…

An engaging and very slickly produced piece. 8/10

Paul Simpson / SciFi Bulletin

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