Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box Set

Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box Set

Reviews of the Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box Set

Everyone involved deserves a hearty handshake and a pint for all the passion, energy and enthusiasm they’ve injected into this [Captain Scarlet 50th anniversary box set]. Not only is it a celebration of Captain Scarlet’s 50th anniversary, it’s also a celebration of the fans, the creators and everyone involved in this seminal serial. Spectrum is green!” – MassMovement

These are as brilliantly well-produced as the TV episodes, full of death, destruction and derring-do delivered utterly straight-faced by the familiar cast. Barry Gray’s music and effects top-off a frenetically deluxe listening experience, then and now.” – Starburst

As with the restoration of the audios – notably Captain Scarlet versus Captain Black – this has clearly been a labour of love for those involved. Verdict: An excellent tribute to an extraordinary show. 10/10” – Sci-Fi Bulletin

A lot of careful work has gone into making everything sound fantastic and like they were recorded yesterday…The Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box Set is a celebration of everything that the original series achieved, and the exciting stories that were told.” – Security Hazard

To celebrate Captain Scarlet’s 50th anniversary, Anderson Entertainment worked with Big Finish to collect all of Captain Scarlet’s audio adventures – all 5 mini albums and 8 adapted TV stories – and to create a brand new audio documentary. All packaged in a lavishly illustrated box set through which the reader is guided by Spectrum personnel.

Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary Box Set

Mini albums

Introducing Captain Scarlet by Angus P Allan
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons by Angus P Allan
Captain Scarlet is Indestructible by Richard O’Neill
Captain Scarlet of Spectrum by Angus P Allan
Captain Scarlet versus Captain Black by Richard O’Neill

Adapted TV stories

Big Ben Strikes Again by Tony Barwick
Manhunt by Tony Barwick
The Trap by Alan Patillo
Special Assignment by Tony Barwick
Heart of New York by Tony Barwick
Model Spy by Bill Hedley
Flight 104 by Tony Barwick
The Launching by Peter Curran and David Williams

Also includes a brand new sixty minute Captain Scarlet anniversary documentary

Written By: Angus P Allan, Richard O’Neill, Tony Barwick, Alan Patillo, Bill Hedley, Peter Curran, David Williams
Directed By: Jamie Anderson


Francis Matthews (Captain Scarlet), Ed Bishop (Captain Blue), Donald Gray (Colonel White, Captain Black, The Mysterons), Cy Grant (Lieutenant Green), Liz Morgan (Destiny, Rhapsody, Harmony Angel), Sylvia Anderson (Melody Angel), Jeremy Wilkin (Captain Ochre), Janna Hill (Symphony Angel)

Director and Producer Jamie Anderson
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

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